kreg kms7102 table saw precision miter gauge system

Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System Review

Kreg is a company that produces a wide range of tools for both professional and amateur woodworkers alike. This Kreg KMS7102 table saw precision miter gauge system review will take a look at one of their best-selling products. The Kreg Miter Gauge is a tool that provides everything you need for accuracy.

The precision Kreg Precision Miter Gauge System is factory calibrated, meaning you get accuracy right out of the box. Even better, the positive stops at 0°, 10°, 22½°, 30° and 45° make it easy to cut accurately and quickly. Now that we’ve introduced this product, let’s dive deep into the details.


  • Fence: 24″ (610mm) aircraft-grade aluminum fence
  • T-Slot Bar: 24″ (610mm) long, 3/8″ (9.5mm) thick, 3/4″ (19mm) wide
  • Positive Stops: 0°, 10°, 221/2°, 30°, and 45° (degrees)
  • Vernier Scale: Adjusts to 1/10th of a degree
  • Finish: Anodized for easy clean-up
  • Calibration: Factory-calibrated; perfect right out of the box
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
kreg kms7102 precision miter gauge


  • Fits well in standard miter slots
  • High resolution protractor
  • Repeatable cuts can be made quickly


  • Quite a bulky design
  • Pricey – in our opinion
  • Cannot properly handle 30+ inch wood

Who is the Kreg KMS7102 for?

The Kreg KMS7102 table saw precision miter gauge system is ideal for everyone who has a standard table saw and wants a mitering solution they can truly rely on. The miter gauge fits well in all standard-sized miter slots, along with handling most pieces of wood, meaning the Kreg KMS7102 table saw precision miter gauge system is a worthy investment for many.

Kreg KMS7102 Features

Precision – If you want a precise CNC-milled miter gauge, this Kreg model won’t let you down. In fact, the unit oozes accuracy. It has an aluminum fence, solid swing stop, and Vernier scale. 

Furthermore, the Kreg KMS7102 table saw precision miter gauge system has a Precision Lens Cursor. As the name suggests, this is a clear lens that carries a highly-visible red line. This means the Swing Stop can be adjusted perfectly for precise cuts, every time.

Solid miter slot – The anodized-aluminum bar has five bar adjusters that allows users to easily reduce “play” in the miter slot.

Swing stop – The Kreg unit has a swing stop that slides along the fence of the miter gauge. We love how it locks securely into place with just a simple turn of the knob. Even better, the swing stop can be temporarily pushed to the side without having to remove it, all thanks to a curved foot mechanism.

Set-Up – Now, the Kreg KMS7102 isn’t the quickest to install, but the preparation is well worth it.

Portability – The Kreg KMS7102 weighs 6.5lbs, which makes it lighter than other miter gauges on the market. The weight also means that the unit can be easily moved onto worktables, before the miter bar is secured inside the available miter slot.


The Kreg KMS7102 table saw precision miter gauge system is a great miter-gauge assembly for your standard table saw. Factory calibrated for accuracy, the machine is easy to set-up and can handle most work pieces.

Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System, Blue
  • Factory Calibration. Guaranteed out of the box to .003 accuracy of 6-inches
  • Gauge head is CNC machine perfectly square to the bar and table ( no stampings)
  • Vernier scale allows fast, 1/10th-degree angle adjustments. Our extremely straight 24 inch (610mm) anodized-aluminum bar is 3/8 inch(9.5mm) thick by 3/4 inch(19mm) wide and features five bar adjusters that you can use to eliminate “play” in the miter slot with the turn of a screwdriver

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