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DeWALT DW680K Planer Review: Parts, Blades and Power Hand Planer

Undoubtedly, DeWALT has been a game-changer when it comes to manufacturing the ultimate planers with the requirements or carpenters in mind and this DeWALT DW680K is proof of that. DeWALT’s products are of top quality and highly durable and most importantly all of the planers built by DeWALT are very easy to use that even the newbies can effortlessly make use of them.

While it is an exceptional experience using their products, don’t just take their word for it, also listen to what our experts are saying so that you can finally decide if you should buy a particular product or not; here is the honest and unbiased DeWALT DW680K Planer Review.

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Honest DeWALT DW680K Planer Review

Speaking of this DeWALT DW680K Hand Planer, you’ll grab a high powerful 7-Amp motor which means no matter how tough or hard the wood is, you will always get a smoother and cleaner look in every pass you make.

But how much can this Planer cover in one pass? That’s an intelligent question and since you’ve asked that, let us tell you that it can cut 3/32 inches in one pass so that you don’t have to go again and again on the surface of the material you are operating on.

Whether it is edging or framing that you are after, the high-speed steel blades will have your back in that area too. In other words, larger blades are acceptable with this Planer and we are talking about the resharpenable blades. This is not everything about this Planer because there is more to it than just meets the eye.

The DeWALT DW680K planer comes with an electric planer, rabbeting fence, two reversible carbide blades, and a carrying case. The electric planer is lightweight which makes it highly portable to carry it to the job sites. It comes with a rugged carrying case that makes it easier to hold the tool intact.

DeWALT DW680K Parts, Blades

The good news is that if something happens to the part of your Planer like Blade, you can easily replace them by buying them online using the same website where you have purchased the Planer. You can also purchase the carbide blades and high-speed blades in advance if you believe that you are going to be in need of them later or you would like to use them with your other machine.

This planer has been designed for those who take their woodworking seriously i.e. this is a heavy-duty planer and that’s why you may see some rise in the pricing model.

DeWALT DW680k Power Hand Planer

The 7-Amp, 15,000 motor provides extreme steadiness and leveled results even if you are dealing with the though woods. In a single pass, you can easily get up to 3/32-inches and even more with the help of handy kickstand.

This planer can be used with the carbide blades for re-sharpening whether you are busy doing the straight edging or framing. To find out more about this planer, please go through the features give below:

Dewalt DW680K Planer Depth Adjustment Knob


  • Features a powerful 7-Amp, 15,000 RPM for a smooth and high-quality cut
  • Compatible with larger resharpenable high-speed steel blades for straight edging and framing applications
  • Also accepts reversible blades for more accurate and detailed carpentry
  • In one pass, you will get 3/32″ (2.5mm) maximum cuts
  • Calibrated Depth Adjustment Knob
  • Depth of Cut (MM): 2.5 MM
  • Planer Type: Portable
  • Power Tool Type: Corded 8ft in length
  • Weight of Planer: 6.2 Pounds
  • Depth of Cut: 3/32 Inches
  • No Load Speed: 15,000 RPM
  • Planning Width: 3-1/4 Inches
  • Rabbeting Depth: 1/2 Inches

The only real disadvantage is that the DeWALT DW680K does not come with a dust collector which means the wood shavings would fly all around your work area, making it extremely messy.

During the DeWALT DW680K Planer Review, we found out that this planer is great equipment that will be helpful in your edging and framing applications. If you are a professional carpenter, it is impossible to lose out on this such a great planer. Therefore, our suggestion is that you should get this one if you don’t already have one.

Our Rating: 94/100

DeWalt DW680K Heavy-Duty 3-1/4" Planer Kit with 3/32" Depth of Cut
  • Heavy-duty 7.0 amp motor of the electric hand planner provides a smooth, even finish in the hardest of woods
  • 3/32-inch (2.5mm) maximum cut in one pass reduces the amount of passes on your material with this hand planer
  • Accepts large resharpenable high-speed steel blades for straight edging or framing applications
  • Calibrated Depth Adjustment Knob for accurate depth setting and eliminating the need to re-zero your depth
  • Also accepts reversible carbide blades for more detailed, accurate woodworking

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