Bosch RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer

Bosch RH328VC Rotary Hammer Drill Review

The Bosch RH328VC rotary hammer drill is a powerful and versatile drill that provides a high quality performance for all of the drilling and hammering work it can do.

Designed for heavy duty work, the RH328VC will stand up to the harshest of conditions and give you the optimal performance each time you use it.

But how is the Bosch RH328VC different from other rotary hammer drills in its class, and why would you want to use this over any other?

We are going to take a closer look at this drill in this detailed review to help you get a better understanding of what it can do and whether or not this is the right drill for you.

Being made by Bosch, you would expect the quality to be there as they have really been one of the leaders in the power tool market place for a few years now. They know how to make the right tools that benefit the user, and the Bosch RH328VC is certainly no exception.

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Specifications for the Bosch RH328VC

Vibration control

When you are using a powerful drill like the Bosch RH328VC on some heavy duty hammering jobs, you will naturally be creating a lot of vibration. But the RH328VC uses a two step process that drastically reduces the amount of vibration that reaches the user.

There is a built in impact mechanism that cuts out some of the vibration, and then you have the rubber dampeners on the top and bottom of the handle that further cuts out the vibration. So these two things working together make the operation a lot smoother and more comfortable, no matter what you are drilling.

Bosch RH328VC Hammer Drill


The 8 amp motor provides plenty of power to the RH328VC. The drill weighs a total of 7.7 pounds, and it can produce an impact energy of 2.6ft/lb. This is one of the best performers of any rotary hammer drill in its class.

For more control over your work, the Bosch RH328VC has a variable speed capability. The large 3 finger trigger also helps you to apply the power evenly. The speed ranges are from 0 to 4,000 BPM and 0 to 900 RPM.

Types of operation

The Bosch RH328VC uses three modes of operation to give you a great deal of versatility. You can select from the following settings:

  • Rotary hammer
  • Regular hammer only
  • Rotation only (no hammer)
Bosch RH328VC Rotary Hammer Drill

Additional features

The integral clutch on the Bosch RH328VC helps to minimize any torque reaction, so that it provides a safer and more direct performance. The handle on the drill can also be positioned to any angle in a full 360 degree circle, allowing you to get the best hold on the drill.

Overall thoughts on the Bosch RH328VC

This is a very powerful and capable rotary hammer drill. If you need a durable and reliable drill that will work through the toughest of jobs, then the RH328VC by Bosch is an excellent choice.

It is very easy to use out of the box, and with all of the added features you are getting a lot of versatility with this drill. An excellent value for money, the Bosch RH328VC is a highly recommended choice.

BOSCH 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC with Vibration Control, Bosch Blue
  • Professional rotary hammer design - features 2.4 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy, with Vibration Control and three modes of operation
  • Active Vibration Control in the (1) hammer mechanism and the (2) grip area - provides maximum user comfort
  • Features an integral clutch, which disengages the torque transmission if the bit gets into a bind-up situation.Material:Metal, Plastic
  • Convenient 360° auxiliary handle provides additional user control
  • Vario-Lock places the tool in neutral, allowing you to choose from 12 different positions so you can fine tune where the chisel should sit

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