how to start a gas weed eater

How to Start a Gas Weed Eater

Most modern weed eaters are basically gas lawn trimmers. Ever since weed eaters hit the market and became a phenomenon amongst people at home, manufacturers starting developing their own gas-based units.

Nowadays, weed eater trimmers are the most popular type, mainly due to the fact that they’re quite affordable, lightweight, and very versatile. Most of these gas-based models are capable of easily trimming, mowing, and edging sidewalks, fences, driveways, and flower beds. This might sound silly, but in order to keep your garden looking good, you’ll first need to know how to start a gas weed eater properly.

The 6 Easy Steps to Start a Gas Weed Eater

Step 1

First off, get yourself some safety googles. Detach the fuel cap from the trimmer and set it aside for a minute. Next, fill the fuel container with unleaded gasoline that’s mixed with premium two-stroke oil. Once that’s done, put the fuel cap back on.

Step 2

Move the machine to a safe location and lay it flat. Then depressed the fuel bulb, usually located under the carburetor, at least six times in order to prime the engine. Just make sure to press it rather slowly so that the fuel has enough time to traverse through the fuel line.

Step 3

Next up, slide the “On/Stop” switch, located on the handlebar, to the “On” position. Once you do that, beneath the fuel tank, you’ll find a choke lever, slide it to the “Full” position.

Step 4

Besides the “On/Stop” switch, you’ll find the throttle lock, keep depressing the lever and start squeezing the throttle trigger. Hold the throttle lock for a few seconds then release it, which will keep the trigger depressed.

Step 5

After you do these steps, roll the weed eater so that it rests on the trimmer head shield and the engine only. This will prevent the spinning weed eater head from coming into contact with the ground. After that, hold the weed eater to the ground with your hand to brace it.

Use your other hand to pull the starter rope as fast as possible until the engine starts. If the engine doesn’t start after you pull the rope for 9 to 10 times, stop for a few seconds, squeeze the throttle trigger, then try again.

Step 6

Finally, you’ll need to allow the tool to warm up for half a minute or so, then move the choke lever to the “Off” position. Once this is done, let the weed eater run for another minute without you touching the throttle lever. But do so once the machine has warmed up, which should disengage the throttle lock and render the trimmer operational, and that’s how to start a gas weed eater.


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