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5 Best Safety Glasses

Buying safety glasses is crucial to protect your eyes from any potential dangers, whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast. Purchasing safety glasses has now become easy thanks to online shopping and the variety of options you’re provided with.

However, what may pose a problem for you is to opt for the best safety glasses that are not only good per se, but also suitable for your need and use (for example, using your weed eater or chainsaw). For this reason, this guide is written to inform you about the best safety glasses available today on the market, and the main features to look for in any model before deciding which one to buy.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick!
Dewalt DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle, Clear Lens, 1 Pair
  • DEWALT tough Coat hard coated lens provides tough protection against scratches
  • DEWALT Xtra clear anti-fog lens coating provides tough protection against fogging
  • Soft, dual injected rubber conforms to the face to provide a high level protection from dust and debris
  • Adjustable, elastic cloth head strap provides a comfortable fit
  • Ventilation channels allow breathability and added protection against fogging

The Best Safety Glasses – Our Picks

#1 – DEWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles

Dewalt DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle, Clear Lens, 1 Pair
  • DEWALT tough Coat hard coated lens provides tough protection against scratches
  • DEWALT Xtra clear anti-fog lens coating provides tough protection against fogging
  • Soft, dual injected rubber conforms to the face to provide a high level protection from dust and debris
  • Adjustable, elastic cloth head strap provides a comfortable fit
  • Ventilation channels allow breathability and added protection against fogging

The top, best safety glasses is DEWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold. With this model, you can protect your eyes entirely, while spending less than twenty bucks. You can buy it either with clear or smoke lenses. One of the most pleasing things about these glasses is that they are surrounded by a soft rubber that perfectly fits in your face, making you feel comfortable.

Along with the pleasant sensation it grants you; this model provides complete protection thanks to its lenses that have been excellently coated, which makes it resist all sorts of damage. When using this model, you don’t have to worry about the glasses not remaining fixed. Actually, they are designed with an elasticated head strap that sets them into place and adjusts them appropriately. It also has an extra covering layer, it’s the anti-fog coating, which allows you permanently clear vision, no matter how much time you’ve been using this model.

You also don’t have to worry about non-fresh air getting accumulated, as the ventilation channels keep the air fresh. Finally, you can at any time remove and attach the lenses, clean them, and change them easily, with the clip system this model is based on. This feature saves you the cost of a new pair.

What we like about it:

There are several pleasing features that make of the DEWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold the best safety glasses. First, this model has proved to be unscathed by both fog and scratches. You don’t have to worry about the clarity of your vision diminishing with time.

Secondly, they are entirely coated and wrapped to provide security at all angles. Also, they’re comfortable to wear, and with the adjustable elastic head scrap, the glasses remain tightly fixed. These are undoubtedly the best safety glasses you can ever get.

#2 – NoCry Safety Glasses Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap

NoCry Clear Safety Glasses for Men and Women; Lightweight Work Glasses with Adjustable Frames and No-Slip Grips; Scratch Resistant Anti Fog Safety Glasses with Superior UV Protection, ANSI Z87.1 Rated
  • STRONG, DURABLE DESIGN. Thanks to the tough, polycarbonate wraparound construction, these hard-wearing safety glasses provide superior eye protection from both direct and peripheral threats. 
  • LIGHT, COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE. These protective glasses have extendable arms and an adjustable soft nose pad so you always get the perfect fit. They're also armed with non-slip rubber grips so your protective eyewear stays on. 
  • VANGUARD PLUS COATING. Compared to most anti fog safety glasses, the premium coating on our eye protection glasses is 5x more fog resistant and 2x more scratch resistant. No fog, no scratch, and zero optical distortion.
  • COMPLETE UV380 PROTECTION. The clear lenses block 90-100% of harmful UV radiation. They make great lab glasses, shooting glasses, and work glasses. They’re great for construction, dental work, cycling, racketball, woodworking and more.
  • BUILT TO LAST. Your safety glasses for women and men come with a limited lifetime warranty. If there’s an issue, we’ll replace them or refund you because we stand behind the high quality of every product and we’ve got your back, no matter what. 

The second-best safety glasses are NoCry’s wrap-around safety glasses. Luckily, with reference to NoCry’s guarantee, NoCry allows you either to change the model if you’re not happy with it or to have your money back. They provide you with excellent protection against UV radiation.

Just like the previous model, the NoCry safety glasses are neatly and double-coated and constructed in a manner that they’re fog and scratch-resistant. Thanks to this feature, the lenses provide you with a transparent and clear vision for a long time, and they are suitable for any type of work, including woodworking, metalwork, and shooting.

With this model, you can adjust the nose and the side pieces as suits you, fixing them in the right place, preventing them from slipping and maintaining them safe. They fit with any face shape, so don’t worry about it not looking good on you.

Also, you don’t have to worry about them burdening you when you’re engaged in time-consuming tasks because wearing these glasses feels so comfortable. Fortunately, they’re too light that you may even forget you’re wearing them.

What adds to this comfortable sensation is the fact that they’re designed with soft rubber, so they’re really comfortable and soft to wear regardless of the time you spend working. Their entirely protective and practical design makes them one of the best safety glasses you can purchase and safely use during outdoor projects, with ultimate protection against direct and peripheral dangers.

What we like about it:

Undoubtedly, NoCry Safety Glasses are one of the best safety glasses available today regarding many important features. They provide ultimate protection at all angles without hampering your peripheral vision. They resist fog, scratches, and glare, maintaining high visibility. Also, they provide extreme UV radiation protection from 90% to 100%. Fortunately, they fit into any face size and shape. Finally, they’re incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

#3 – JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses

JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses, Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lens Pack of 12 (Clear)
  • ANSI Z87+ Certified
  • UV (UVA and UVB radiation) protection
  • High transparency polycarbonate high impact lenses with scratch-resistant coating and hi-flex frame for reduced used fatigue and improved hold.

The next best safety glasses you can get is the JORESTECH’s glasses that come in a set of 12 pieces, perfectly combining high quality with quantity. You can use this model in all types of house activities, including everyday cleaning task and DIY. These excellent wrap-around glasses are also extremely light and comfortable to wear.

The Jorestech safety glasses may also be your best safety glasses regarding their relatively low price. They are made of a good quality, durable, and robust polycarbonate that makes them resist anything that can be thrown at you accidentally.

The lenses are coated entirely, which makes them resist scratches, and provide you with highly clear visibility and extreme protection. They are as good as any other renowned, more expensive safety glasses.

What we like about it:

Briefly, the Jorestech Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses provide one of the best safety glasses available today. First of all, they are made of tough polycarbonate, which makes them resist whatever may hit you while remaining unscathed. They also provide complete protection at all sides and angles without hampering your vision. Also, they’re comfortable to wear. What else could you ask for in the best safety glasses?

#4 – Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are constructed in a manner that they provide 99.9% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation that can endanger your health. They have tinted lenses that are suitable for outdoor activities, eliminating any chance that your eyes would tire out of long exposure to extremely bright light.

They have an adjustable nose that you can fix as it suits, which makes this model suitable for any nose shape, they accommodate to different head and noise sizes, and they wrap around for complete eye protection, and you can still see clearly through them.

This model is one of the best safety glasses as they provide complete eye protection at all sides and angles while maintaining a transparent vision. They keep you protected against debris, splashes, and anything that can hit you, ensuring you entirely safe work experience.

They also prevent sweat from penetrating your eyes, which makes them further practical and more comfortable to wear. Apart from effectively performing their function, they’re aesthetically pleasant, stylish, and available in six colors.

What we like about it:

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are among the best safety glasses, especially for outdoor tasks. They provide 99.9% protection against sweat, UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. Their lenses perfectly resist scratches and debris and are comfortable to wear. And they are designed as flexible and adjustable in order to match with different head shapes and sizes.

#5 – Edge Eyewear Kazbek Polarized Safety Glasses

Edge TSK216 Kazbek Polarized Wrap-Around Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch, Non-Slip, UV 400, Military Grade, ANSI/ISEA & MCEPS Compliant, 5.04" Wide, Black Frame / Smoke Lens
  • Designer Style: Exceptional designer eyewear that merges cutting-edge fashion and comfort with the highest level of safety standards. We believe making glasses that people like to wear keeps them safe, whether you're on the job or enjoying your free time.
  • Flexible and Durable: Designed with cutting-edge materials to be flexible, durable and comfortable for extended daily wear. All Edge glasses undergo intense impact testing to ensure the highest level of performance even in treacherous conditions.
  • Highest Safety Standards: Compliant with latest ANSI/ISEA Z87.1+2015 for eye & head protection, and Z87+ for high impact level standards. Also compliant with MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 - a military ballistic standard for intense ballistic velocities during combat.
  • Lens Technology: World's First polarized safety eyewear with true UV protection that blocks 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays - highest level of protection on the market. Our Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) effectively reduces visual distortion & eye fatigue.
  • Long Lasting Comfort: Our wrap-around frame provides extended peripheral view. The flexible frame provides durability and a comfortable fit. Straight temple arms eliminate pressure on head and temples.

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are our last pick in this review. They’re some of the best safety glasses you find in the market. With their sturdy, polarized, and polycarbonate-made lenses, they serve as a shield against UV radiation.

They’re scratches resistant, and you don’t have to worry about splashes penetrating your eyes. They are excellently protective and constructed to last for a long time. You can use these glasses when biking or shooting, or any other outdoor activity, which is their primary purpose.

What we like about it:

These glasses are most suitable for exterior activities. Their polarized lenses reduce the intensity of light projected into your eyes, ultimately providing complete protection against UV radiation. They are also flexible enough to be adjusted into whatever face shape and size, along with maintaining extreme security at all angles. They can also be used as everyday glasses. These factors make the Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses model count as one of the best safety glasses models.

Choosing the Best Safety Glasses – Buying Guide

Every product has essential features that determine whether or not it counts as a high-quality model, and safety glasses are no exception. There are a couple of fundamental, indispensable features that you need to look for in safety glasses before making the final decision.

Worry not, you won’t have to find them yourself, as we’ve already compiled a list of the essential features to look for in the best safety glasses, which are:

best safety glasses

UV Radiation Protection

Most of the safety glasses available today are designed to provide mainly UVA protection, with a few exceptions that shield you against UVB and UVC radiation. The best safety glasses are those that allow you a 99.99% protection against UV radiation. Safety glasses should not provide less than 90% as average protection; otherwise, they’re not worth your consideration. Wearing safety glasses with high UV protection is crucial for outdoor tasks.


Being adjustable is a key feature that defines the best safety glasses. They match all head shapes and sizes, and you can adjust them the way you want. This feature makes them all the more effective, practical, and makes your experience even easier and more pleasant.

Instead of burdening yourself with many safety glasses, you may as well think of buying a model with removable, changeable lenses to use in different conditions.


The best safety glasses should necessarily allow you a comfortable experience. The best safety glasses are those that have a rubber temple and nose pieces so that you don’t fell much strain on your head. If you keep feeling your glasses on your face when working, and as time passes, they get more annoying, these are certainly not the best safety glasses.

For you to be as comfortable as possible, your glasses should be too light that you barely notice their presence. This way, no matter how much time you spend working, you won’t lose your concentration. To keep headaches away, it’s also preferable that you buy glasses with earplugs.

Impact Resistance

The best safety glasses are those who are made from Polycarbonate, which makes them sturdy, durable, and resistant to any direct hits. Unlike glass, it doesn’t shatter.

Peripheral Coverage

This feature further enhances the protection level your glasses provide you with. This feature ensures complete protection as it doesn’t protect you from potential dangers of your own work, but also from any imminent harm surrounding you. With this feature, you can work safely without thinking of neither direct nor peripheral dangers. The best safety glasses necessarily have this feature.


There are international as well as national certifications that determine whether or not a given product is a good product. Every reliable product necessarily follows these terms. Like any other item, the best safety glasses are those that comply with these certifications and standards. Most importantly, you should know about these certifications to get yourself the best safety glasses available.

ANSI Z87.1: American National Safety Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization whose role is to determine and standardize safety conditions and requirements that each product ought to follow. Among the products this organization is interested are those of eye protection. If the safety glasses model you’re about to purchase contains the code Z87.1, this is to indicate that it complies with ANSI’s safety requirements and you can buy it without having to worry about putting your health at risk.

ISEA Z87.1: International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), is also a non-profit organization and one of the leading bodies when it comes to ensuring, advancing, and fostering global safety. Their safety standards are pretty much similar to that of the ANSI. That’s why you’ll often find the ANSI code coupled with the ISEA’s. If you come across a pair of safety glasses with these codes, be sure that you’re in front of some among the most authentic and the best safety glasses.

CSA Z94.3: Canadian Standard Association (CSA), has basically the same basics as the ANSI and as reliable as the ANSI is. It’s commonly found when trading with products across borders in North America. Although the ANSI and the CSA share some similarities when it comes to safety norms, they do differ at many levels, ending up not complying with each other’s requirements. For this reason, before being sold, the products undergo a sort of test. This test aims at ensuring the workers’ safety while using a given product. It focuses mainly on the product’s level of protection, resistance capacity, as well as its flaws.

EN 166: This refers exclusively to European safety norms, with which each country belonging to the European Union should comply. The original term is EN 166 personal Eye Protection European Standards, but simply abbreviated into EN 166. Their tests focus primarily on: the product’s toughness and robustness, resistance to UV, ignition, and corrosion. If the safety glasses you’re about to buy is EN 166 certified, be sure that they’re one of the best safety glasses you can get.

Now you can easily detect the best safety glasses to buy with the most authentic and reliable certifications.

Picking the Best Safety Glasses – Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Keep My Safety Glasses From Fogging?

Having your activity interrupted each time to clear the fog is really annoying. We all need to concentrate on our task without having to deal with aside tasks. To get rid of foggy lenses completely, you’d better get yourself safety glasses that are made with built-in ventilation. 

To keep your glasses clear from fog, you can polish the lenses using shaving cream or a bar of soap. With this method, you won’t be able to get rid of foggy lenses totally, but you can retain your lenses clean for a longer time.

A more expensive solution would be buying anti-fog wipes. It’s a simpler, less messy alternative. With anti-fog wipes, your lenses would remain clear for a period of time longer than using shaving creams or soaps.

Can Safety Glasses Harm One’s Eyes?

If you spend the entire day working while using safety goggles without taking an important amount of rest, these glasses may result in headaches and extreme tiredness. However, safety goggles don’t endanger your safety and don’t harm your eyesight.

What Can Safety Goggles Protect Us From?

Safety glasses are a shield against any imminent danger. They can protect you from harmful UV radiation, flying debris, and scratches. They also provide a good wind-resistant device.


We hope that this guide is useful and would help you pick the best safety glasses for you. Now you know the top options available on the market today and what features to consider before buying any model, so just go ahead and pick yours already.

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