Best Bolt Cutters for cutting chain link fence

The Best Tool to Cut Chain Link Fence – Chain Link Fence Cutter Reviews 2020

Chain link fences are types of woven fences made of galvanized wire or LLDPE-coated steel wire used for more than 60 years in enclosing residential and commercial spaces according to the Chain Link Fence Manufacturer Institute. It facilitates perimeter protection because of its proven strength and durability, versatility and ease of installation as well as having a corrosion-resistant property.

The chain link fence is often the first choice for in enclosing playgrounds, backyards and other industrial areas because it is equally cost-efficient even for wider spaces. It is also the best fit for these properties because chain link fences have the ability to withstand heavy force winds. In terms of installment, chain link fences are made of woven, interlocking wires made of steel. To set up the fence, steel posts are cemented on the ground followed by attaching the interwoven steel wire material. Additionally, depending on your needs, you can put razor wire at the top to prevent people from crawling over the fence.

Specific Benefits in Using Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are in demand because of their high-utility nature. There are four common useful benefits that are attributed to using chain link fences. According to Mid-City Steel, these are security, safety, for pet containment and temporary use.

First is basic security. Chain link fences are deterrent tools that can be combined with barbed wires to secure the perimeters of a property most specifically in industrial spaces.

Second, it is also helpful in keeping safety specifically in public spaces like playgrounds and parks. Having chain link fences in city areas and near spaces where small children might chase toys around can contain them into safety.

Third, it is also very useful for pet containment. Its durability fits best in creating dog kennels, pet runs and others. It is also very efficient in creating a separate space for pets to play.

Fourth, chain link fences are efficient for temporary use. Chain links are easy to install and easy to uproot making it very handy for industrial sites. A little pulling out and rolling of steel wires are all that you need in this. The fourth benefit is where you will be needing the best tools to cut chain link fences. Not all hardware tools can be used and precisely not all of them can be a general alternative. The following are some of the best tools to cut chain link fence that we could recommend.

These are our recommendations for The Best Tool to Cut Chain Link Fence:

The Best Chain Link Fence Cutter – Best tool to cut bolts

1. Tradespro 831714 14-inch Bolt Cutter

Tradespro 831714 14-inch chain link fence cutter
The Tradespro bolt cutter is one of the best tools for cutting chain link fences because two primary factors. One is its comfortable, no-slip grip and the other is that it is cheaper compared to other 14-inch bolt cutters. It is made of heat-treated, durable carbon steel construction, a powdered coating as finish and the perks of a lifetime warranty.

It is a good chain link fence cutter because its cutting jaws are extra hardened to hold wire edges longer. With a 14 inches overall length, it saves time since you are able to cut more than a feet high chain link in one reach. Thus, it can also serve other home emergencies aside from cutting chain links.

Tradespro 831714 14-Inch Bolt Cutter , Yellow
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: 831714
  • Item Package Dimension: 4.25" L x 14.0" W x 1.19" H
  • Item Package Weight: 2.15 lb

2. HK Porter 0190 MCD 24 inches Link Bolt Cutter

HK Porter 0190 MCD
The HK Porter stands out as a wire cutter because it was specifically developed using a state of the art computer aided technology to give it a double compound action system. This feature makes it far more efficient compared to traditional bolt cutters.

It is very beneficial for heavy wire cutting in construction sites and other industrial areas because it is equipped with a new blade technology which makes its cutting capability more dependable. This is because it is constructed with detail-engineered HK Porter induction hardened center blades with a srew type adjustment to align the blade gap. It also comes with tubular, powerlink steel handles which offers you 30% reduction in cutting effort.

H.K. Porter 0190MCD Power Link Bolt Cutter, 24", Multi
  • For use on: bolts, rods, screws, chain, bailing wire, electric wire, padlock hasps, chain link fences and much more
  • Precision ground, induction hardened cutting blades for extended edge life and cutting hard materials
  • Takes less effort to cut materials than standard bolt cutter
  • Powerlink technology provides more power equating to a 30% reduction in cutting effort

3. Tekton 12-inch Bolt Cutter

Tekton 12-inch Bolt Cutter
The Tekton bolt cutter comes with three major features. First, as a bolt cutter it can cut through bolts and chains in a range of 5-32 inches. Second, it offers a compound hinge with a superior cutting action because of its drop forged, steel jaws made of hardened alloy steel. Third, it makes cutting efficient because of its comfortable grips made of durable, tubular handles that does not twist or underwork. Its main grip is made of soft rubber so your hands will not be strained.

This bolt cutter is also easy to maintain because its cutting jaws are replaceable. They can also be adjusted to support your grip capacity. The Tekton 12 inch bolt cutter was ranked fifth place in the list of the 20 best bolt cutters of 2017 by Ranker.

TEKTON 12 Inch Bolt Cutter | 3388
  • Drop forged hardened alloy steel jaws
  • Compound cutting action requires less effort
  • Tubular steel handles with cushioned non-slip rubber grips
  • Adjustable and replaceable jaws
  • Cuts bolts, chain, threaded rod, and more

4. Neiko 00562A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Neiko 00562A Heavy Duty
For heavy duty bolts or chains, the Neiko 00562A comes as the most suitable in cutting them. It can cut through harder objects because it is equipped with a 30-inch Chrome Molybdenum steel blade. The blades are heat treated which are dent-resistant even in heavy load cutting. This is the best heavy duty bolt cutters that you need.

Its blades adds leverage with lesser effort because they easily align with its classic level fulcrum design.It also offers easy cutting as provided by its non-slip, angled grips. For a better view, more detailed information can be found in Amazon.

Neiko 00562A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 30-Inch, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade
  • CHROME MOLY STEEL: 30-inch premium Cr-Mo steel jaws cut through harder objects than chrome vanadium steel bolt cutters
  • DURABLE BLADES: High-frequency, heat treated blades resist damage and dents in tough applications
  • MORE POWER, LESS EFFORT: Classic lever-fulcrum design and precisely aligned blades deliver added leverage with less effort
  • ERGONOMICAL HANDLES: Angled non-slip plastic, textured grips provide greater control and comfort in cutting
  • HEAVY DUTY: Cuts the toughest bolts, chains, padlocks, threaded rods, wires and many other metals

Final Verdict

There are other chain link fence cutters and bolt cutters but these are by far the best that we could recommend.

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