Generac XP6500e

Generac XP6500E

The “XP” in the name of Generac XP6500E denotes professional quality grade of this portable generator. It is built with contractors and construction sites in mind. It is fitted with Generac OHVI engines which is specifically designed for generators for extended job site use. With TruePower technology, you are provided with clean electricity for the smooth operations of your sensitive electronics, tools, and appliances.

For it to be even tougher for construction sites, the corners are made of impact-resistant cast metal heavy-duty, hardened steel tube cradle. It is also fitted with a lifting eye for easy transport and security on the job site.


  • Fuel gage installed
  • Clean power
  • Well built
  • 3 year warranty


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
Generac XP6500e Portable Generator


These are some of the general tips you need consider when you buy this genset;

  • Get a fuel stabilizer
  • Periodically start the machine if it is going to be unused for a very long time
  • Tie units down when in transport
  • Limitations of the generator; what it can and cannot run.
  • To deter thieves, buy a No products found.
  • Always test your newly bought generator out before there is an emergency or the actual time of using. In that you will be  sure the machine works. If anything than that you can replace it before the warranty expires.


Packed with a whopping 8125 starting watts it is enough to start and run most of your tools and appliances simultaneously. This generator has a 120/240V selector which allows full 120v power or 120/240V power output.


Powered by the Generac’s OHVI engine, you are rest assured that the generator is powerful, reliable and durable. Generac OHVI engines are designed specifically for generators and can run for hours, days and even weeks during an outage. The low oil pressure shutdown protects the engine from damage. It outlets are covered for protection from the environment.


It has an idle control which conserves fuel and reduces noise. Because of that simple feature, you get a good solid 11 hours of continuous operation at 50% load. I know you are wandering the starting method of this generator, it has electric start with a manual pull start as backup.  Centralized control panel gives you easy access to controls at one place.

Note: This Generac XP 6500e model is being discontinued by the manufacturer. They are replacing it with a newer model The Generac GP6500. Same thing but is updated and now has better

No products found.


The Generac XP6500e is a powerful and durable generator.  It was designed with contractors in mind, so it has extra features and durability that are an additional cost over the XG series. This Generac XP6500e is an excellent generator if you have enough money to buy it.

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