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Briggs and Stratton P3000 Review – Best Looking Budget Generator

Looking for a portable generator that gets all of your jobs done? Most of the time, when people opt to buy a portable generator, they tend to look for something that is quiet, easily portable, and reliable. Today we’ll talk about a generator that will satisfy all your power needs at the touch of a button! 

The Briggs and Stratton P3000 is a generator that has all these features and comes with many such attributes that makes it the ideal choice for a portable generator in the given price range.

Significantly, it can be used for practically any appliance, be it big or small, and gets the job done effectively for each one of them. You can use it for operating the air conditioning system of a wagon or charging any of your small appliances. 

Here we are going to list all those features plus the different pros & cons you get to have with this generator that makes it a consumer favourite. We’ll also compare it with other generators to give you a detailed analysis of where it stands in the market.

Briggs and Stratton P3000 Review

Briggs & Stratton 30545 Inverter Generator, Gray
  • Run time: Up to 10 at 1/4 Load
  • Running Amps 21.7A
  • Alternator: Permanent magnet
  • Clean and instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics running during a power outage, 30545s engine speed reduces noise, fuel consumption and emissions
  • Quieter than a traditional camping generator with enough power to start a standard RV air conditioner

Functionality & Usage

The Briggs & Stratton inverter generator gives you the freedom that anyone can use it because of its easy-to-use control knobs and recoil start. The unit comes with an illustrated instructions manual to help you with any problem you face.

briggs and stratton p3000 reviews

The generator also has a control panel located in front of the unit with easy to read labels that help you to know the exact features of the generator. Also, a 12v DC charger outlet and a USB outlet are integrated into the unit to charge smaller appliances like phone etc.

The generator also comes with a parallel connection so that you can connect another 30545 generators and get twice the power. The control panel on the generator provides you with vital information about the functionality status of the generator and will also tell you whether the generator needs maintenance or not. There are also reset buttons just in case you want to reset your generator in times of overload.

briggs and stratton 3000 watt inverter generator

The Briggs and Stratton P3000 generator also has built-in telescoping handles and never-flat tires. This makes the generator very mobile and adds to the portability of the unit as practically anyone can move it.

Is the generator quiet?

When you are choosing a portable generator that you can use in your backyard or your RV, one of the prime features that you need to have is silence. The generator needs to be as quiet as possible so that it doesn’t disrupt the surroundings it’s being used in and give a better experience than others.

briggs and stratton 30545 p3000 powersmart series

The R&D department and the engineers at Briggs & Stratton have considered this critical feature. When they developed the PowerSmart 30545 generator, they made it one of the quietest generators available in the market today.

The generator has a flip switch, which will automatically adjust the engine speed to get less noise as possible from the unit. The feature not only makes the generator run quieter, but it also increases fuel economy and makes the unit run longer. The noise level is said to be quieter than a normal conversation when measured from 23 feet, which is the industrial standard distance. 

Gas Consumption and Capacity

The generator features a 1.5-gallon tank, and the unit delivers power for 10 hours at quarter load with a full tank. Thus the generator is perfect for use during a blackout. The generator also has a power output of 3000W, thus making it ideal for any use at home or inside an RV.

briggs & stratton 30545 p3000


 Some of the advantages of this generator are listed below: 

  • The generator has a large tank that can keep it running for 8-10 hours without any hassle.
  • This inverter generator adjusts the power output according to the appliance in use, so there are minimal chances of an overload.
  • The inverter generator comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  • The unit weighs around 60 pounds without any fuel and has telescoping handles, thus making it truly portable.
  • The generator comes with a control panel that shows the power output, among other details and warns you during an overload.
  • It is one of if not the quietest generators in the market right now.

Let’s talk about the cons now:

  • The generator is a bit more expensive than other generators that deliver the same power output.
  • Reaching any technician through their helpline is a hard nut to crack.
  • Some of the units have a problem with speed varying which can causes issues in the future.

Should you buy it?

If you have the budget, the Briggs and Stratton P3000 is a sure shot winner among any other generator that you can have. With so many different functionality and ease of usage makes it one of the best generator. While the noise level makes it difficult to believe that a device so small and quiet can generate so much power.

If the price of the unit is no concern for you, then you should go for it.

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