How to pressure wash a driveway

Properly Clean Your Driveway With A Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is a simple way of keeping the exterior of your home clean and spotless. One area of your home that is prone to dirt and grime is the driveway. With vehicles being parked there and the area experiencing a lot of traffic, it is susceptible to getting all forms of dirt, debris and tough-to-clean stains. Getting rid of some of this grime and dirt can be hectic and will require more than just a broom and detergent.

The best way to work around cleaning your driveway and leaving it looking spotless and clean is to pressure wash it.

Pressure washing is where a high-pressure spray of water is centered on a particular area to get rid of grease and dirt residues that are not easily removed through other cleaning methods.

To pressure wash your driveway effectively, you need to ensure that the essential things required to get the job done are present- the pressure washer, pressure washer detergent, degreaser, stiff brush, safety gloves, user’s manual, plastic sheeting, and a garden hose.

Pressure Wash Driveway

This step-by-step guide will show you how to get the job done right first time around.

  1. Clean the driveway surface

It is important that you clear the driveway’s surface of any excess dirt, dust and debris using a broom. If some of the debris is hard to get off by simply sweeping it off, use a stiff brush to scrub it off.

  1.  Protect your home’s exterior walls, windows and doors

Using plastic sheeting and a tape, cover all the nearby windows, walls and doors. This will protect them from the loose debris and accidental stains and paint being sprayed about by the pressure washer.

  1.  Thoroughly read the pressure washer’s safety manual

Make sure that you read the safety manual thoroughly before using it. Understand all the steps required to use your specific pressure washer. It is important to note that pressure washers are different and each may require special assembling, preparation or attachments.

  1.  Degrease the surface

To effectively clean your driveway spraying the concrete with some degreaser will be important. Once applied, scrub the degreaser into the concrete using a stiff brush.

  1.  Attach detergent tip to the spray wand; then attach the necessary hoses

First, you will need to attach the designated washing tip to the spray wand. After doing this, connect the supplied pressure-washer hoses and the want to the washer before attaching the water hose to the pressure washer’s water supply.

  1.  Prepare your pressure washer for detergent

Place your pressure washer’s detergent siphon tube into the detergent container. When cranked up, the pressure washer will siphon the detergent into the spray wand’s water stream.

  1.  Spray the detergent on the driveway

For protection, make sure to wear your safety gloves. Start applying the detergent by holding down the pressure washer’s spray handle and maintaining a consistent distance of about 8-18 inches off the concrete. When spraying, do it in a symmetrical manner overlapping the stroked by about 6-8 inches. Let the detergent sit for about 5 minutes.

  1.  Pressure-wash

Remove the detergent tip and place in the ‘25 degree’ tip. Now, pressure wash your driveway’s concrete by working your way through the surface overlapping the strokes by 6-8 inches; for tougher stains, hold the pressure washer’s tip closer to the surface moving it much slower.

Follow these simple driveway pressure washing tips and transform your driveway into a spectacular causeway.


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